Grant Park Village Officials

Bob Malkowski

Scott Dillman

Douglas Graves

Dana Dickson
Nancy Marcotte
Debra  L. Morgan
Marty Roth
Laura Veldhuizen
William Wold

Chief of Police
Carl Frey

John Bobera

Street Commissioner
Kyle Pleckham

Village Attorney
Jim Rowe

Statement of Purpose

The President and Village Board is the legislative body of the
Village with the Village President serving as Chief Executive
Officer. The President and Village Board provide direction for
Village operations, adopt ordinances, appoint personnel,
determine policy under which the Village operates, and
approve payment for all expenses and liabilities.

The Village Clerk maintains all Village records including
minutes, licenses, ordinances and resolutions; the Village
Clerk is also custodian of the Village seal, publishes legal
notices and oversees Village elections.

Village residents are also appointed to various Boards and
Commissions to advise and assist the President and Board in
policy-making decisions.
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Village of Grant Park
Small town living at its best!
Grant Park, IL

Village Board Meeting
Tuesday September 2 at 6:00pm
Village Hall
*Due to the Labor Day Holiday on Monday meeting will be held Tuesday*
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page for Grant Park
Police Department

Grant Park Village Trustees and Village President attended a
seminar this fall to discuss the future and potential of our
Village.  The seminar was hosted by The Verdae Group.
Grant Park Village Board was presented with the following
reports at our meeting on November 18, 2013.
You may view them at the Village Hall or at the link below.
Village of Grant Park
Strategic Planning Retreat
Click Here
Village of Grant Park
Streetscape Design Concept
Click Here